Abstract Submission

If you are interested in participating PRADS 2019, please submit one-page abstract.

Note: Only one paper can be presented by one registered participants.
Author of multiple papers is allowed.
Early bird registration (June 2019) is required for presenting author.

Abstract should be prepared according to following format.

Abstract format

PRADS2019 Abstract format
The abstract template (Microsoft Word format) can be downloaded from here.

Template of abstract

Deadline of abstract submission is October 12th, 2018.

Abstract submission is closed

Acceptance of abstract will be announced around November 30th, 2018.

Manuscript Templates/Conference Proceedings

To Authors:

Thank you very much for your contribution to PRADS 2019. You can find the information of conference proceedings and manuscript submission as shown below. Also you can download the template-files for the manuscript of PRADS 2019 from this page.

Conference Proceedings

(1) Distribution of the Manuscripts by USB Flash Drive in the Conference

The submitted manuscripts (pdf-file) by the authors after passing the peer-review will be distributed in the PRADS 2019 conference by USB flash drive. Though these distributed manuscripts are not official version of the proceedings of PRADS 2019, the participants can browse all of them during the conference. It is noted that the collection of submitted abstracts of papers will be distributed as a printed-book in the conference.

(2) Publication of Official Proceedings of PRADS 2019

The official version of proceedings of PRADS 2019 will be published by SpringerNature after the conference. The submitted manuscripts which follow the SpringerNature’s proceedings guideline for authors and pass through checking of plagiarism (self-plagiarism) by SpringerNature will be included in the official proceedings.

(3) About Proof Reading Stage

Before publication of official proceedings, the typesetters of SpringerNature will send a copy of the final PDF of each paper to its corresponding author. The corresponding author will be asked to check through the final PDF within the short timeframe (usually 72 hours). See section 4 of the SpringerNature’s proceedings guideline for authors .

Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings

(1) Templates

The templates for conference proceedings can be found from the SpringerNatures web-site . You can download both “Word Template” and “LaTeX package” from the web-site. Also, please see the Proceedings Guidelines for Authors before you will start making your manuscript. As shown in the guideline for authors, it is strongly recommended that all authors include their email addresses in their papers. These will be used by Springer to provide authors with a personal MySpringer account where they can download a free copy of the eBook.

(2) Length of the Paper

In the guideline for authors, it is said that the number of pages of common type of full papers might be 10 to 20 pages. However, in the proceedings of PRADS 2019, it is recommended that the manuscript intended for the ‘Main’ section of the paper may be up to around 5,000 words long.

(3) Consent Form

When you will submit your manuscript, you should also submit the filled consent form. You can download the consent form here . Please read it, fill the form, sign on it, and submit the pdf-file of the signed consent form when you will submit the manuscript.

(4) Permission Request Form

The authors should obtain permissions from the previous publisher for any material you want to reuse in the manuscript of PRADS 2019, before you will submit the manuscript. Please use the Permission Request Form to obtain the permission from the publisher.

(5) Submission of your Manuscript

You can submit your manuscript and the consent-form from the PRADS 2019 Web-site. When you will use MS-Word, you should submit the following materials.

(i)Original manuscript(Word-file)

(ii)PDF-file (which is made from the original word-file)

(iii)Consent form

When you will use LaTeX, you should submit the following materials.

(i)Zip-file which includes all source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps files)

(ii)PDF-file (which is made from the original LaTeX-files)

(iii)Consent form

The web-page for submission of manuscript will open from December 2018. The deadline of the submission of the manuscript is March 15th, 2019.

Summary of the Links to the Files Related to Submission of Manuscripts

Link to Information for Authors of Springer Proceedings
SpringerNature’s Guideline for Authors
Template Word-version
LaTeX-version(LaTeX Package)
Consent Form
Permission Request Form


(Q1) What is the meaning of number “[0000-1111-2222-3333]” shown after the author’s name.

(A1) You should put the author’s ORCID, which is such like 0000-1111-2222-3333, after the author’s name. See 2.1 and 3.3 of the SpringerNature’s guideline for authors . If you do not have ORCID you can delete the number. But it is recommended that you will register your ORCID from if you do not have ORCID.

Full Paper Submission