Welcome Reception

Planned on Sunday
September 22nd, 2019


Planned on Monday
September 23rd, 2019

Technical Tour

Planned to visit on Tuesday
September 24th, 2019


Planned on Wednesday
September 25th, 2019

Before or After Convention

After Convention Activities in Yokohama, Japan (English/3min)

Easy and enjoyable way to find out about a range of exciting activities to do in Yokohama, Japan’s First Port of Call, before or after your conference.

From the moment you arrive, and sense the energy of Yokohama, you know it’s going to be a special visit. The best and oldest traditions of Japan are alive and thriving in Yokohama. As the first Japanese port to open its doors to the world 150 years ago, Yokohama represents a fusion between Japanese tradition and world cultures. You can enjoy many different events all year round.

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Discover Yokohama, Japan (English/5min)

Explore and learn about Yokohama by Tourist Attraction Areas. Culture, art, events, entertainment – Yokohama brings it all together. The charms of local hospitality are fresh every time you visit. Right away, you’ll see why this is such a special city. Welcome to Yokohama!

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Yokohama’s Art: Blending Tradition & Culture (English/2min)

Having been the port city that was at the epicenter of Japan’s opening up to the west, Yokohama still holds onto that unique position of being able to fuse a variety of cultural influences while keeping an eye of the ever-changing and playful landscape of modern art and expression. Experience Yokohama’s rich tradition and culture.

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A Taste of Yokohama (English/2min)

Yokohama stands out as a city of endless culinary exploration. From local ramen stalls to high-end fusion restaurants, Yokohama has plenty to offer for those seeking traditional Japanese cuisine or something a little more creative. By Japanese standards, the city is also a craft beer mecca with multiple craft breweries. Come taste what Yokohama has to offer.

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